Jianda maintains a leading position in the air bubble film manufacturing industry with the use of both advanced technology and high performance processes. Nearly every one of our machines is also CE certified. Our team works together to create large scale production of a number of products to meet nearly every customer plastic machinery need.

PE Air Bubble Film Machine
The PE air bubble film machine manufactures film that is an excellent replacement for paper bags and composite paper/plastic bags.

Plastic Sheet Extruder
In order to ensure a uniform thickness and smooth surface of sheets produced by the plastic sheet extruder, the flow channel in the die head is designed in a coat hanger style.

Plastic Thermoforming Machine
The plastic thermoforming machine is used to produce starch based biodegradable materials.

Drinking Straw Making Machine
The drinking straw making machine is ideal for different extrusions, including single color extrusion, multi-color extrusion, three color extrusion, and four color extrusion.

Stretch Film Extruder
The stretch film extruder is designed with an advanced automatic temperature control system in order to control the plasticization and adjust the smoothness and thickness of the film.

Film Laminating Machine
The film laminating machine is designed with a double position paper holder. Its un-winder comes with an air expanding roller.

Blown Film Line
The blown film co-extrusion line is equipped with 3 layer co-extruders and rotating die heads.

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